Who We Are

We are a pack of women writers who want to foster a community of support and imagination across all genres. We seek to give a platform to every voice, established and emerging.

We believe:

  • Writers should be paid for their work.
  • Stories from all voices should be represented on the page.
  • Respect for other writers and their experience is crucial for the literary community. Hate, racism, bigotry, rude comments, etc. will not be tolerated by the Wolfpack.
  • Genre fiction and stories written for younger audiences deserve a place in the literary magazine.


What We Do

We will publish two volumes per year, on the summer and winter solstices.

Summer Solstice will feature writers ages 13-20, and Winter Solstice will feature writers from all walks of life.

We will always pay our contributors, and we will nominate our exceptional pieces for Best of the Net and the Pushcart Prize.