Who invented homework and why

Who and Why Invented Homework

At present, domestic work is an integral part of the educational process; it facilitates learning and makes it more effective. We have been involved in the tasks of the school years. And we didn’ t think about who invented the homework. What is the name of that clever man to believe in the magic of the homework; when the homework was invented, when was the invention? What was the original purpose of the homework? Let us find the answer to the question of who invented the homework and why, and discuss the practical value of the homework that the teacher is behind him

Historical facts

Mentions of this term refer to the era of ancient Rome. In the 1st century A.D., Plini, Pali Junior, the teacher of the oratory art who invented homework, asked his followers in Quintilan to take part in the work at home. This practice is aimed at developing human communication skills in a more informal setting. Results

The end of the 19th century is remarkable because of the significant changes in the educational system. Some changes related to some changes in terms of the frequency and type of homework given by the tutor. All this influences the quality of education. Teachers, following the approach of the teacher who came up with this homework, considered the completion of homework as the necessary type of education; this was a compulsory part of the training. From this point of view, learning is not likely to help you without homework. The homework assignment was defined as a form of independent work, giving great importance to the ability of a student to learn independently. For a home job task to be performed by a teacher, it must meet the following criteria:

  • It should be feasible;
  • It should not be large or complex;
  • It should not be installed at the beginning of the training until the students know how to work independently
  • Learning at home can contribute to the overall learning process. One of the important tasks facing the modern school is to improve the quality of teaching. And homework is a good tool; the man who invented the homework is a real hero in this respect. You can get a lot of knowledge with a professional assistant

    When was the house home?

    Because Roberto Nevilis, an Italian educator, has come up with homework, we can see the obvious improvement in the education system and its effectiveness since 1905. Over time, when homework is invented, there is a real improvement in education

    Teachers who hold traditional views on the learning process believe that home schooling is an essential condition for effective education. According to those who invented homework, this is a way to develop the student’s initiative, independence, individuality and imagination

    In addition to the above points, the need for home education is determined by the following factors:

  • In the process of schooling, there is a concentrated assimilation of the studied materials. The knowledge gained will be forgotten. Domestic work is required to prevent such a forgette
  • The development of scientific concepts requires their multiple understanding and assimilation;
  • The strength and strength of the emitted material shall be achieved only when it is dispersed
  • Home learning plays an important role in the development of students ‘ creative abilities and abilities
  • The success of the teaching depends on the success of the homework assignment. This aspect was considered from time to time when homework was invented; the organization of homework is the most difficult thing in the process of learning and education. Many aspects of the problem require the closest attention of the perpetrator

    When developing a teacher’s appointment, teachers must understand that the process of assimilating the teaching materials is through the mandatory stages:

  • skill formation
  • Application of new knowledge and skills in practice
  • If you’d be surprised to find out who invented homework and why, read it further to find out more

    What are the main goals of domestic work?

    The role of homework was always discussed not only by those who invented the school and homework. Many today believe that domestic work is not binding for the mastering of studied materials. But recent scientific research confirms the contrary. According to the study, domestic work plays an important role in improving the quality of students ‘ knowledge. This is true for primary school. Who invented the homework and why?

    According to Roberto Nevillis, who invented the school and homework, this academic task gives the student an opportunity:

  • run without any rush
  • for non-external evaluation;
  • to select the optimal rhythm (hours) of work
  • for the independent work plan;
  • In accordance with the above paragraphs, the cost of academic appointment is as follows:

  • in-memory patch, dissolved in class;
  • repetition of previously transmitted material;
  • -Consolidation and expansion of the various skills required for independent work.Training on the basis of which efforts will be made to bring up children, responsibility and independence;
  • improve education skills, in accordance with various teaching methods;
  • ability to extract the necessary information from different directories, manuals, dictionaries;
  • Building research skills of the student (comparison, comparison, supposition, hypotheses, etc.)
  • Each class must have a system for assigning homework, and all classes must be able to successfully master the software. It requires different types of homework. The main purpose of the performer is to justify the type of homework, depending on the material being studied. This instructor should be able to correctly combine the different options for homework in each class and in all classes. A good option would be to learn the students from the outside box

    Types of homework

    Since domestic work has been invented, there have not been many types of individual tasks. Since the person who had invented the school and the homework had not been able to do enough “testing” in this regard, it was difficult for him to create a formula for effective home schooling

    Teachers now include the following types of homework in the training process

  • Masting of materials, which have been made in accordance with the textbook;
  • Productivity of oral proroges;
  • Productivity of written forsages;
  • Performance of creative work (
  • Preparation of reports on reviewed material (written material etc.);
  • Conducting observations and experiments
  • Using a balanced combination of the above types of homework can help students easily absorb the information

    What is the role of domestic work in improving the quality of education?

    One way to facilitate learning is to improve the content and organization of domestic tasks in this topic. The selection of the home job is wide. Each is aimed at improving the quality of students ‘ knowledge, improving the learning process and systematizing the knowledge acquired

    Psychologists have found that the assimilation of knowledge and practices is crucial. The basic idea and the consolidation of knowledge during the lesson with any effective organization of the learning process should be supported by the subsequent thinking and application of new knowledge. And if the primary perception and consolidation of knowledge can be frontal, subsequent work must be individual and independent

    Domestic work is not a student’s control. This gives the opportunity to devote time to studying the subject. In this way, you can systematize the knowledge you get in your class and share your skills in a particular theme. Without home tasks, the student loses his extra time to study. The purpose of this task is to consolidate the knowledge and experience acquired in the lesson

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